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by In Much of Madness

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Bunch of Demo's I recorded on my own, using my equipment at home! They're all free right now, not that I'll argue if you throw a dollar my way!


released November 18, 2013

Written, performed, and recorded by James Rice



all rights reserved


In Much of Madness Pueblo, Colorado

I'm a 25 year old Singer/Songwriter out of Colorado. My style now is like an acoustic/alternative/rock sort of thing...mostly due to the fact that its just me. In the future I plan to add more members.


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Track Name: Fight The Sunrise (Raw Cut)
I got up in the morning, with an early start,
Something Had woke me, it was the voice in my heart,
It said, "We'd be together, by the end of the day,
And I'd love you forever, nothing could stand in the way,"

When we part our ways, It fills me with sorrow,
So I'll love you today and I'll leave here tomorrow,
Lost in your eyes, away my heart did run,
I'll fight off the sunrise so tomorrow never comes,

The stars they spoke a warning, their glow began to fade,
Screaming that the night would soon bleed into day,
So I lifted my fists and I fought off the sun,
Then into the night, away we did run,

When we part our ways, It fills me with sorrow,
So I'll love you today and I'll leave here tomorrow,
Lost in your eyes, away my heart did run,
I'll Fight off the sunrise so tomorrow never comes.
Track Name: The Storm (Raw Demo)
Ten thousand Days, Ten thousand nights,
I couldn't find a way into your eyes,
Overused and over worn, I couldn't find my way back through the storm,

Just one more day, and one more night,
I swear that I will light up those eyes,
I got my rest, I'm feeling strong,
I swear that I can weather the storm,

I'll find my way back, I'll the way back,
I'll find my way back to you.
Track Name: Strife (Raw Demo)
In the passing of the night came a sound,
A foul scent was carried on the wind,
It Brought upon the bellows of the hounds,
As the animals abandoned their dens,

The Horizon was alive with a glow,
Fueled evermore as explosions rang out,
How could the Innocent be expected to know,
That the hell would soon take the towns?

In a moment it all was gone,
Everything was laid to rest,
Only ghosts were left in their wake,
As they moved on to the next,

The princes offered up their gold,
While the paupers hardened up their bones,
One thought he could buy back his soul,
While the other just fought for his home,

Then Darkness soon consumed the keeps,
Until the halls were filled with screams,
The children hid beneath their sheets,
Their bloodshot eyes longed for sleep,

They fled to reaches far away,
May hope let them find a new day,
The past was left to decay,
as they moved to the homes they might reach,

A single man arose from the ashes,
His mind was sick from the scene,
Not only had they taken his love,
But the bastards got away clean,

The hatred swelled inside him,
He swore an oath on her name,
"For the streets will run red with the blood of their dead,
and he'd teach them the meanings of pain,"

Soon he was covered in blood,
His rage grew thick like the mud,
Till finally he was certain,
He'd found the man behind the curtain,

Well the whole world seemed to cease,
As it emerged from the veil,
The lust for blood hung thick in the air,
As both moved in for the kill.
Track Name: Mirage (Raw Demo)
Well it took me far away from here,
Yeah she woke me and showed me something real,
Once awoken I wasn't really sure,
but when she gripped my hand I felt safe and secure,

I was far away,
lost somewhere between the sea and land,
Well the rivers rose at my feet,
And the waves came crashing on me,
Sinking into the mud,
Would it be like this for good?

Then the light lit up my eyes,
It bled into the horizon line,
and revealed, What was real,
I realized what I'd been seen all of this time was a mirage and,
Well the colors, their hues hit my eyes,
And every one of them lied,

It felt as though I was blind,
Felt as though I had lost my sight,

But she woke me, and it didn't take long,
I was ready for the fall,
She pulled me into her arms and I was fine,
We went flying.
Track Name: The Fire (Raw Demo)
I knew that it was time to leave the past far behind me,
So I had to let go of everything that reminded me,
Of the hell I called home, that place that I dread,
Where heart and soul were dead,

No time for rest, nowhere to run,
So I grit my teeth and prepare for whatever may come,

The fire grew strong in my eyes,
It brought out the truth and burned up the lies,
It turned into rage and then all of my soul went ablaze,

No time for rest, nowhere to run,
So I grit my teeth and prepare for whatever may come.
Track Name: Sinking (Raw Demo)
As I began to crumble down,
Lion's came and gathered all around,
Just, Just take me,
Send me down,

Take it now, Kill it now,
Shoot it down, Take it now,

As I began to crumble down,
Lion's came and gathered all around,
Just, Just take me,
Drag me down.
Track Name: On The Edge (Raw Cut)
She Laid her heart on the edge,
And I leapt out to capture it,
She Placed her hands upon mine,
I lost all sense of time,

She's staring into my eyes,
I Swear that I have never been so high.
Track Name: The Blackness (Raw Cut)
Passion gave way to the hell in your soul,
And all that I know is you were gone,
I'll cut out your heart to see whats inside,
Is it just a shell or are you still around?
I peered into you and all that I saw,
Was this blackness that built and never stopped,

Well that blackness built and never stopped,

I reached out a hand, forced into your soul,
Showed you the beacon, the brand new dawn,
You were too scared to jump,
Afraid to not be alone,
You turned back to the blackness that felt like home,

You built up the walls, hardened the stone,
You turned back to the blackness,
Cause it felt like home.
Track Name: A Short Song For a Special Someone
I was afraid I would change,
Into something I'd hate,
But with one look at her I was sure,
It would all be okay.
Track Name: Spiraling Down (Raw Cut)
It was a soundless scream, In an endless Dream,
A cry for help, A plea for love,
I took a shot in the dark, but she shot me down,
Down, Down down,

Now I'm, I'm all alone,
Ain't got no home,
Stuck in this hell, Spiraling down,
And I'm crying out, I just wanna be found,
Found, Found now,

Can you find me now?
Track Name: Get On With It (Raw Cut)
You've gotta just get on with it,
That dream is gone with the wind,
You've gotta just move on from her,
She's gone and won't come again,

Go Again, Feel Again