The Lights Went Out

by In Much of Madness

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released 18 October 2013
Recorded at The Hideout @ Mace's Hole

All songs Written and Performed by James Rice.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Lights Went Out
Every time I heard the world cry out,
Every time I heard them all scream out,
Somebody save me, somebody save me,

I fought with every breath until my lungs gave out,
I offered up my strength until my heart bled out,
I showed em everything, I gave em everything,

But every time I saw the lights go out,
Every time I felt the ground pull out,
From underneath me, from underneath me,

And it would all fade away,
If I couldn't find a way,

The bell rang out and I looked to the sound,
I saw your face as you hit the ground,
Screaming just save me, somebody reach me,

The sky came down and the rivers swelled,
I checked for a pulse but I couldn't tell,
Were you still breathing? Were you still breathing?

I stared into your eyes as the lights went out,
I held your hand as the ground pulled out,
From underneath me, were you still fading,

And it will all fade away,
If I can't find away.
Track Name: Restless
I grew restless in the night,
Life was just so big and I,
Felt as though I should try,
To move on right through the fright,

And I was lost in the depths,
And I had to fight for every breath,

Time didn't seem on my side,
And I could feel that heaviness,
It sank deep into my chest,
And my mind couldn't rest,

And I was lost in the depths,
And I had to fight for every breath,
Will it never come to pass?
The moment at long last,
Will darkness disappear with the sun,
Or will that day never come?
Track Name: On The Edge
She Laid her heart on the edge,
And I leapt out just to capture it,
She placed her hands upon mine,
And I lost all sense of time,

She's staring into my eyes,
I swear that I have never been so high.